double peanut butter cookies

peanut butter never lets you down. it's a welcomed and common feature in chocolatey, sugary desserts... and it's a friend of high protein health snacks. if you've read my first post, you'll know i am by no means a baker. in fact, whenever i feel like baking, i reel in my husband to help. he's naturally blessed with a baker's mind in that precise measurements and timings are instinctive to him. i, on the other hand, struggle to stay in the lanes of obedience when it comes to measuring and prefer to throw ingredients over my shoulder and hope that i get them in the bowl. this recipe is most probably the tastiest bake for the level of ease that it is. even i can bake this without guidance. it's literally got 3 ingredients - doesn't get much more simple than that. this recipe is extremely versatile; add chocolate chips, fruit nuggets, infused oils, raisins (if you're the devil), anything you like! however, you must try them as they are at least once. it's the law, i don't make the rules. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Double Peanut Butter Cookies 🍴 Makes 15 ⏰ 15 minutes 🌿 Vegan Ingredients: Crunchy peanut butter - 700g Caster sugar - 175g Baking soda & white wine vinegar (mixed; egg alternative) - 2 tablespoons of each Sea salt - pinch - optional Instructions: mix together the peanut butter and sugar add the baking soda mix & sea salt if desired roll up into cherry tomato-sized balls & place on a greased baking tin press down on each one gently with the back of a fork bake for 10 minutes on 160°C fan/gas 4 leave to cool for a few minutes before gently lifting from the pan onto a cooling rack (I normally use a spatula in case they're still a little fragile). enjoy notes: if you're not keen on using the baking soda/vinegar trick, use 1/2 cup of sunflower oil instead. however, i swear by the soda mixture as being the best vegan egg replacement for bakes! recipe is based on the palm-sized cookies I like them to be. feel free to make them into fewer, larger cookies. or go crazy and make one giant cookie. no one's stopping you.

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